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 Sign up to the S4 league

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PostSubject: Sign up to the S4 league   Sat Aug 15, 2009 9:14 pm

About S4 league:

S4 league is a Stylish eSper Sports Shooter.(S4)
Story :

(It's the imaginary birth of the game. ^ ^;...)

My review.
I hear it has good music and game play a bit similar to Gunz.
(I say a bit similar to Gunz because I'm not sure if you can do all them tricks in S4 like in Gunz. Such as butterfly and ETC. And people keep on comparing them for some reason... but there 2 different games... Even graphics are diffrent o.o)

Other then that the graphics and action caught my attention to have some fun on S4 league. But I hear that people who tried the EU version lagged a lot. So I'm thinking about ... your going to at least have a good computer and decent internet connection.

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Sign up to the S4 league
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