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 Baguazhang ,Judo , Shoot boxing , Cannon barrle exo, Blue sky horn,and heavens fist exo.

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PostSubject: Baguazhang ,Judo , Shoot boxing , Cannon barrle exo, Blue sky horn,and heavens fist exo.   Thu Aug 20, 2009 6:00 pm

this forum is my reviews in the things i listed in the title, i currently own all those things(cept bag and blue skyhorn) as well so this would be an accurate review.

ok 1st up are the scrolls ill start with baguazhang since it was my 1st scroll eva

BAG: ok bag to me was a great scroll , it had many combos ill list them all:the 6 hit combo went P,P,K,K,K and did up to 500 dmg, the five hit combo was P,P,P,P this did up to 455 dmg, the 4 hit combo is K,K,K this did up to 318 dmg, the 3 hit combo is K,P this did up to 290 dmg, the launcher was P,P, K-G this 280 dmg and was 4 hits, now all the juggles

10 hit P,P,K-G,P,P,K,K,K this was for me pretty much impossible to pull off less i was really lucky
9 hit P,P,K-G,P,P,P,P this was easy to pull off
8 hit P,P,K-G,K,K,K this was about so so to pull off
7 hit P,P,K-G,K,P this was easy to pull off

im not sure about the dmg totals for the juggles. the namu juggle is very hard to pull off if you want to get the max hit which is 21-22 in the 20s i know for sure, this was so incredibly hard to pull off even in practice mode, i counted all times i succesfully did it....about 3 times at the most. it goes like this P,P,K-G,P,P,K,K,K then namu right before he hits the ground this takes alot of pratice and good reflexes. my review on this scroll is this, it is a some what easy to use scroll. a noob with this scroll will always spam the 6 hit combo, they almost never use juggle or grab. but over all i loved this scroll and i got hacked and lost it Q.Q so sad. this scroll would be rankes maybe number 2 as the hardest scroll to do the complete namu juggle and max hit normal juggle with ( kabudo is number one as hardest juggle to pull off)

now it is shoots time to shine. it was the second scroll i have ever gotten here is its combos: the 6 hit went P,P,P,P,P this did 513 dmg, the 4 hit combo went like this K,K,K,K this did 475 dmg, now the launcher K,P,P this did 290 dmg

now for the juggles

8 hit K,P,P,P,P,K,P,P easy
9 hit K,P,P,P,P,K,K,K,K so so
10 hit K,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P this was so so
11 hit K,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P this was so so

the namu was 12 hits, im still trying to pull off the entire namu juggle ill let you know when i finaly get. also i forgot to mention earlyer that i wont be puting up when you must delay you gotta figgure that out for your self. the scroll also comes with a specail K-G that does up to 200 dmg its also a guard breaker the problem with it is that its very slow so you mos likly will get hit out of it. over all this is a great scroll except for one thing.....ITS A NOOB FRIENDLY SCROLL, yea thats right its a noob scroll. it was made for and by noobs( kindding bout last part XD) but no seriously if you went to cheack this scroll would e ranked number one as the most noob freindly scroll this means it is a very easy scroll to use, the only thing i use this scroll for now is to have fun with it not for serious fighting.

now is judo ( for this scroll i dont rember the dmgs):4 hit combo P,P,P,P, the 3 hit combo K,K,K, then the launcher K,P
judo also come with a ground hit which in almost all the combos you can add this extra hit if you can make it in time same with the juggles and throws. judo is also has a speacial front and back throw and is a 360 scroll which means it can grab from any where.

now here are the juggles

8 hit K,P,P,P,K,K,K and you can add the ground hit
9 hit K,P,P,P,P,P,P,P and you can add the ground hit

judo is one of the best scrolls and it is pro no matter what ( at least to me). i also forgot to add that it has a special counter and when running then pressing the guard button you are able to roll so use that as an advantage. the namu does 10 hits if i rember corectly the namu juggle does 18 hits i think. i havent pulled it off completly so i dont know how it goes cause i dont know if im doing it right. over all this is and will be one of the best scrolls in the game because it is fun and you can do so much with it, not to mention that its front grab goes rediculously far.

ill be making the exos soon after this just gotta take a break. i hoped this guide was fullfilling and helped alot. but here is a tip dont let my guide kinda make you go and choose a diferent scroll than one you were about to get because you think that these scrolls are better, no its how you use a scroll that makes you a skilled player and just becauses its a noob friendly scroll doesnt mean you are a noob if you use it.
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PostSubject: the exos now same as the ones i posted up top   Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:34 am

Ok 1st ill start off with blue sky horn since it was my 1st exo other than defualt

Blue sky horn: the v speacail was a ice arrow which on contact will make you frozen this state lasted for about 1.5 seconds. the b speacail as with all the sky horns a volley of arrows get shot up into the air then come back down hitting in 6-8 differnt directions. the v speacail can hit multiple ppl as long as they are right up on each other the most you can get is probly 2. the b speacail will hit right when you press it and the volley is going up if a person is right on you. and if it doesnt hit then it will when coming down. both attacks are blockable but when the v speacail is blocked you still will get frozen. the v speacail does up to 230 damage the b speacail does up to 300 damage.

the punch combo is P,P,P,P this is 4 hits
the kick combo is K,K,K this is 3 hits.
there is no launcher for this exo.

this exo is spamable but of course it is since only elementalist can use it. overall i belive this is a good exo and does decent damage.

Cannon barrle: the V speacail is a small but fast bullet it can only hit one person. this does up to 294 damage. the B speacail is a large but slow bullet. it can go very far ( like maybe half a stage) it also can hit mulitple ppl. this bullet also doesnt explode on contact against a person so if you are able to you could hit an entire line of ppl. the bullet will knock them up into the air so it may be possible to use the cannons launcher to do added damage before they hit the ground. the b speacail does up to 415 damage.

the punch combo is P,P,P,P this is 4 hits and does up to around 400-500 damage
the kick combo K,K this is 2 hits
the launcher for this exo is K,P this is 2 hits

the only juggle is this K,P,P,P thisis 4 hits and there is no delays.

this exo is very spamable and im a striker. i can get off 6 large shots or around 12 little shots before running out of sp. my elementalist can do aroun 8 large shots or 15 or 16 little shots before runnng out of sp. over all i love this exo cause of its spamablity and juggle. also any K-Gs and specail counters are kept the same as well as all grabs and running dashes.

Heavens fist: the v speacail is a punch thats almost directly in front of you. it can hit people on the ground or in the air as well as ppl who are down. it takes about 2 seconds to charge so it is recomened that you use while the enemy is down. it does up to 391 damage. you can juggle with this hit it depends on your scroll. the b speacail is the same but is a chargeed up shot. this one does up to 500 damage but takes 3-5 seconds to charge. it also is farther than the v specail. i recomend you use this on a enemy not paying attention to you or when hes trying to get you knock him down then run and use and he will mpst likely run into it.

all punch, kick, grabs, counters, K-Gs,launchers, and juggles kept the same as when you had this exo off.

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PostSubject: Re: Baguazhang ,Judo , Shoot boxing , Cannon barrle exo, Blue sky horn,and heavens fist exo.   Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:40 am

My 1st scroll was TKD. SPAM KICK FTW.
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PostSubject: Re: Baguazhang ,Judo , Shoot boxing , Cannon barrle exo, Blue sky horn,and heavens fist exo.   

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Baguazhang ,Judo , Shoot boxing , Cannon barrle exo, Blue sky horn,and heavens fist exo.
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