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 Exile scroll.

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PostSubject: Exile scroll.   Fri Aug 21, 2009 1:52 pm

Exile: Intro.
By Vespers

42000carats$ Exile was created and used by a exiled sector of dark guardians. A form used with Intensive killing intent and hatred.


-Punch combo has excellent delays
-Kick combo has excellent delays
-Damage is good.
-Best scroll to use with side step.
-Grab is all your hate on your opponents face.
-Extremely versatile.
-The juggle is easy to use.

-The launcher is hard to start.
-Pros only recommended
My review:
Exile is a very good scroll to use for those who can compete with any other form of martial art. Grab is wicked, And if mastered with side step. You will be god...

P.S Exile looks like an awesome upgraded version of default. But requiring a super killing intent attitude.

Definitions: O.B out of bounds. (Like falling off a cliff... drowning in water.... etc...) Places you you can't go or you loose.
K= kick P= punch G= gaurd V=Grab *= tap or delay able != Has a knock down.

P*P*P*K 3 hit punch combo to a kick to the head. 4 hit combo
K*K*P!*K 2 hit kick combo to uppercut to finishing kick. 4 hit combo
K*P 1Kick to shoulder tackle. 2 hit combo
P*P*K 2 punch to juggle launcher kick. 3 hit combo.
K*G ground pound drop kick.
P*P*K P*P*P PPPK K*G 2 hit punch to juggle launcher to 3 tap punches to 3 hit punch to final kick combo to ground pound finisher. 11 hit combo.
P*P*K P*P*P KKPK K*G 2 hit punch to juggle launcher to 3 tap punches to 2 kicks to uppercut to final kick to ground pound finisher. 11 hit combo.
P*P*K KP K*G 2 hit punch to juggle launcher to 1 kick to shoulder tackle then ground pound. 6 hit combo.

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PostSubject: Re: Exile scroll.   Fri Aug 21, 2009 11:32 pm

Nice Nice ;o
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Exile scroll.
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