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 WAHAHAHAHAA im baaackkk :D

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PostSubject: WAHAHAHAHAA im baaackkk :D   Fri Dec 11, 2009 7:02 am

wassups guys I'm finally back. it's Trec the guy who used to make those beastly poems Razz. i haven't been to the guild site before this much cause i was grounded for doing something so dumb I'm embrassed to put it up. you can ask about if you want though. well anyway I got off grounding early for good behavior Very Happy. though as punishment for what i did i was forced to sell everything i had that was astro in game...though i was able to get some new things with all the carats lolz. I got RS and let me say it's beastly. well any way just to let you guys know I got more comp time than ever before for my good grades this year in school...let me say that this is a first for them as well as me XD. If you guys don't want me back though, it's cool. Also it's sad to say that when last time i tried to recruit for this didn't work out T.T. so any way tell me what you guys want me to do to contribute to the guild if I'm allowed to join again. I still have you guys on my friends list on RF. well peace out cause I'm doing this in school XD. my teacher is f-ing great for letting me do this. as well as let me go on YouTube XD. buh bye now.
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WAHAHAHAHAA im baaackkk :D
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