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 Red Scorpion, also another in school forum lol

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PostSubject: Red Scorpion, also another in school forum lol   Fri Dec 11, 2009 7:39 am

Let me say that this is the scroll of the year. I've never loved a scroll as much as i do as RS. you know that topic with that unknown user talking about bag, persona, exile, heavens fist ect... that was all me and you can see I've had alot of stuff. but my god RS takes the cake. ok the pros 1st


the normal kick combo can knock ppl over fences like in moon.

you can drift beastly and easily with the punch combo.

you can switch from doing the punch combo into the kick combo with almost no delay.

it does around 90 with each attack.

the grab can fool ppl cause it goes a good distance.

angle grabbing with Rs is one of the main points of this scroll because ppl love to block against it. don't let them Razz

the nanmu is 14 hits not including ground hit I think, each hit doing a little more than 50 damage.

has a one hit juggle launcher which people don't expect.

now the cons

you can't go from the kicks into the punches like the other way around.

it has another combo which most ppl don't know about which is why it's a con USE IT. it's P,K,P does good damage.

the juggle launcher is weird like i said before, you got to run then press the block button very weird and unpredictable but don't spam it or they'll know your gonna use it so mix it with rams .

and thats all i can find for cons so yup this is a very good scroll. if you ever wanna try against it just ask me.
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Red Scorpion, also another in school forum lol
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