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 Tonight we dine in Hell!!! For this is Rumble Fighter!!!

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PostSubject: Tonight we dine in Hell!!! For this is Rumble Fighter!!!   Tue Dec 22, 2009 6:58 am

Hello my fellow guild peeps. the topic of this ...topic Razz is segul and the dark monastary. I'm makeing a team of Fighters dedicated to help bring segul and his dark minions down. Now for starters I am going to tell you who can join this team and how many members. It shall be a six member team he people who can join, anyone. but to keep you place in the team you must do the following.

you must be able to beat normal mode of dark monastary 15 times with me. I only put 15 times because of 2 reasons one its so you can properly learn how to dodge all normal enemy attacks, and segul attacks. the second reason is so you can get the turtle shell prize to make it easyier. now after you make the team the last test to keep your place is to beat 1 hard mode with me...and survive.

you can have as many trys as you want to join but if I have all six members then you cannot join any more.

now heres some tips if you want to join me

1st try and get the elementalist class if you dont already have to spam fishes at segul from the corner.

2nd study the the normal monsters so you dont get ass beaten.

lastly..please try to get nanmu if you dont have it already it'll be usefull against segul when he stuns a player and chargers up his blast.

if you want to join just post in this topic.
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Tonight we dine in Hell!!! For this is Rumble Fighter!!!
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