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PostSubject: HEY GUYS LISTEN   Fri Jan 15, 2010 8:24 pm

whats up guys i got some beastly. I AM MAKING A ACTUAL COMPUTER GAME. me and a group of friends at my school are making a game together. I'm one of the lead programers. we are making a game alot like jak and daxter. its going to be a third person game. right now I'm the only newbie in the group who knows the story...and there are alot of newbies ^__^. so I'm very privleged. I'm not allowed to tell the story yet in case of plagerisim and stuff cause we haven't copy righted it yet.

But its going to be an actual game and it should be out around next fall. when its done we got a deal with steam that will let us show off the game on their site so woot advertisement XD. depending on how much well sell is how much i get payed. I'm learning about how much i need to hate semi collons in programing. its these little guys we don't use ";". After I'm done with this project depending on how i did i might see about making a RF privet server for just this guild. I just gotta find the server info and thats it all i need to do is re write some things.

If i make the server succesfully im going to make it so that to get astros all ya gotta do is get in 1st place in maybe every 20 games and a auto 100 astros is yours and the wins don't have to be a row, how does that sound. Of course you can donate...once i get a credit card so my rents don't wonder where this money is coming from XD. But donating is just to keep the server up cause it'll probly cost money and stuff. donating might just get you a little nick nack too o.^

Tell me your thoughts on this and what i should add when this gets up. BTW the ppl who automaticly get places as GMs are rasho, marissa, Desi, and Vespers. you don't have to be one if you don't want to and if you do...let me just say you won't get paid XD. you don't have to be on every day to be a GM just often enough, k?

well thats all for tonight guys laters and tell me what you think
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